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Training Core (TC)

Director:  Barbara Staggers, MD, MPH

The goal of the Training Core is to foster the careers of students in research and health care professions in order to reduce disparities of health in minority, low-income and underserved communities.  The TC has established a successful and effective training program by building on the successes of three existing programs - the CHORI Summer Intern Program, FACES for the Future: Health Professions Internship Program (Faces/HPIP), and the Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program (BUSP) at UC Davis.

The Training Core also works closely with the science education activities of the Center's Community Outreach and Information Dissemination Core.  The TC provides undergraduate minority students with practical experience in basic and clinical investigations in a large multicultural community. 

The three main objectives of the Training Core are to:

  1. enlist the participation of minority graduate and post-doctoral students in the training, mentoring and education of high school and undergraduate students who wish to pursue careers in biomedical research and/or the health professions, with a special focus on reducing health care disparities,

  2. expand opportunities for college and high school students to participate in research training opportunities and

  3. prepare and motivate underrepresented minority students for careers in biomedical research, with a focus on health care disparities and/or careers in the health professions.