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Proteomics & Genomics Shared Research Core (PGSRC)

Co-Director: Ken Beckman, PhD
Co-Director: Mark Shigenaga, PhD

The Proteomics/Genomics Shared Resources Core (PGSRC) provides rapid, affordable, and accurate genotyping, proteomic and gene expression analyses to Center members and research collaborators. The PGSRC maintains and operates several cutting-edge instruments for SNP genotyping, the analysis of gene expression by microarray and real-time PCR, and 2-D/MALDI-TOF protein characterizations.

The scale of work spans from smaller pilot studies to very large-scale genotyping efforts. The rationale for centralizing genomic and proteomic services is to leverage the large investments recently made in existing instrumentation at CHORI, and to minimize duplication of effort in member labs. To date, the PGSRC has initiated several genotyping research projects within the Center and with other collaborating universities. 

The specific objectives of the PGSRC are to:

  1. provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective, routine genomics/proteomic services to Center investigators and collaborators,

  2. to identify, develop, and implement new genomic, proteomic and analytical technologies as routine research services, as needed by Center members and in accordance with Center goals and

  3. to provide supervised access, training, and advice for non-routine genomic, proteomic, and small molecule assays.