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Community Outreach and Information Dissemination Core (COID)

Co-Director: Patsy Wakimoto, PhD
Co-Director: Barbara Staggers, MD, MPH

Nutrition is an important factor in the development and progression of serious diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and asthma, all of which have known genetic risk factors. The morbidity and mortality of these diseases are also strongly influenced by environmental, social, economic and cultural factors.  Taken together, these factors provide unique opportunities to develop multi-disciplinary prevention and intervention strategies to reduce and ultimately eliminate health disparities in America. 

The mission of COID is to serve as a health and science education resource to the local community and ensure that the activities of the Center are consistent with and relevant to the needs of the community. The target audiences for the COID include African-Americans, Latinos, and certain Asian populations of Alameda, Solano, Yolo and San Joaquin Counties. The specific objectives of the COID are to:

  1. translate and disseminate the Center's basic scientific discoveries to the community in a form accessible to health care providers, community organizations, teachers and students,

  2. encourage and equip the community for participation in research and clinical studies,

  3. partner with the community in evidence-based disease prevention and intervention activities and

  4. sponsor science education outreach activities for the Center.