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Bioinformatics Shared Resource Core (BRSC)

Director:  Wasyl Malyj, PhD

Because nutritional genomics examines the complex interactions between genetic, genomic, nutritional, and social variables, datasets tend to be large, complex and noisy. The Bioinformatics Shared Resource Core (BSRC) provides Center members and their collaborators with the cyberinfrastructure and bioinformatic expertise need to deal with high dimensional and non-linear datasets. Members of the BSRC are also charged with conducting original research that will lead to novel bioinformatics theories and methodologies.

The BSRC has developed a number of computational tools in Matlab for microarray, proteomics, and SNP data analysis, classification, and visualization. Visualization tools have been developed for 3-dimensional image generation and animation of the 3-dimensional models. The BSRC uses the R statistical environment and Bioconductor libraries installed on its servers with clustering and visualization tools, such as GeneCluster and TreeView. Several Affymetrix microarray annotation libraries have been installed for Bioconductor.