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Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics (CENG) at the University of California, Davis - a program dedicated to promoting the study of nutritional genomics. The mission of the Center is to reduce and ultimately eliminate health disparities through the study of diet-genome interactions as they relate to chronic disease and certain cancers. The Center has now begun translating the results of nearly seven years of research, training and education on diet-genome interactions into tangible benefits that can prevent disease and improve human and animal health and wellness.

The link between food and health is well documented but people still struggle to find the right balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Whether its malnutrition or over-consumption, people are looking for disease preventing and health promoting foods that match their lifestyles, cultures and genetics. Nutritional genomics is a systems approach to understanding the relationship between diet and health and will ensure that everyone benefits from the genomic revolution.

To help extend these benefits from Center research to the global health disparity community, the Center is developing the Global HealthShare® Initiative (GHSI). The GHSI is an interdisciplinary consortium of researchers, organizations, public and private sector partners whose goal is to take proven nutrition- and immunity-based technologies and deliver them as health solutions to developing and low-income countries. The GHSI's initial focus will be to use mucosal immunity and bioactive foods to reduce cardiovascular disease, infectious disease and malnutrition.

This website provides news, information, and commentary on current developments and breakthroughs in fields of nutrition, genomics, and health. It is intended for anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about the way diet and genetics can influence the delicate balance between health and disease and how this knowledge can improve the lives of vulnerable populations both locally and globally.