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Global HealthShare is a completely project-based program that identifies innovative, market-driven solutions to improve health and generate economic growth in the developing world.


We have recruited a consortium [link] of over 40 individuals and 30 institutions who believe in power of sharing – the power of sharing knowledge, technology, resources, intellectual property, and infrastructure – to develop and deliver low-cost health products and services to those that need them the most.  Our technologies are created by rethinking cost structures and reverse-innovating technology to fit the unique needs of rural communities. And because we believe in empowering the countries we work in by creating local expertise, we train dynamic, local entrepreneurs with the passion and capacity to sustain these humanitarian efforts. The following Projects describe just how we are addressing some of the world's most challenging global disparities.


Current Projects

Click the project title to download a Factsheet (.PDF).

Rabies Vaccines for Bangladesh


While rabies disease has long been controlled in regions like North America and Europe, it is devastatingly rampant in human an animal populations the developing world. Globally, over 25 million people seek treatment for rabies while 1.4 billion people are at risk of the deadly disease in Asia alone. We are developing $1 rabies treatments for humans and animals to promote the eradication of rabies from the developing world. 

RuralTech – Rural On-Farm Training for Rwanda


In much of the developing world, the livestock industry is an emerging market that will experience continued growth in the coming years. We are working to increase local empowerment and smallholder access to international dairy markets by introducing dairy management practices and enhancing herd animal health with effective, affordable vaccines.

Improving Food Security in Climate-Challenged India and Bangladesh


Global HealthShare has partnered with RKMVU to develop a fellowship program where RKMVU scholars attend short-term training and intensive workshops held at UC Davis, where they learn techniques to reinvigorate agriculture and improve nutritional health and food security in the region.

Improving ORS Formulation for Children with Diarrhea in Bangladesh

GHS is formulating a ‘Super-ORS’, a rehydrating solution that combines the benefits of nutrition and immunity to combat diarrheal disease-causing agents and improve water and nutrient absorption.