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Fundamentals of Nutrigenomics

The Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics' workshop entitled Nutrigenomics: Discovering the Path to Personalized Nutrition has received attention worldwide. Since a number of individuals have requested the information, material, or attendance at upcoming workshops, we developed an online course of the same name in conjunction with the UC Davis Extension.

About the Course

One of the great challenges in genetics and nutrition is to understand how each individual interacts with, and responds to their environment. Diet is the most important environmental factor influencing expression of genetic information because of the constant exposure to nutrients in foods. The emerging discipline of nutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of diet on the activity of an individual's genes and health and the study of how different genetic makeups metabolize nutrients. Few if any have been trained in the many disciplines used in this research and its potential applications.This course provides the fundamental concepts of technologies and strategies for conducting and understanding nutritional genomic research. It is divided into nine sections: overview; DNA; RNA; proteomics and detection systems; bioinformatics; genetics; SNPs; model systems; and ethics.

This course (and the workshop) is meant to be the foundation for other courses that focus on aspects of nutritional genomics concepts and techniques.  One could envision whole-day workshops on any of the sections presented in this course.  In addition, the course should put the email postings of the nutrigenomics listserve into context and provide the overview needed for specialized workshops.

The online course is geared to professional nutritionists, molecular biologists, food scientists, geneticists, primary physicians, dieticians, and other health care workers in academia, industry, business and finance.

Course Information

The course will be offered 3 April 2006 through 16 June 2006. Register on the UC Davis Extension Site.

A limited number of scholarships will be offered through UC Davis Extension and The Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics.  These scholarships will be given first to scientists in developing countries and at non-research institutions in developed countries.  We have asked Professor Ray Rodriguez,  Director of the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics, Professor Ken Brown, Director of the UC Davis Program in International Nutrition, and Dr. Jim Lapsley, Chair of the Science and Agriculture Section of the UC Davis Extension to form a committee to review applications consisting of a CV, documentation of location and institutional affiliation.  They will have final approval for scholarships.  Inquiries for these scholarships should be made to Professor Rodriguez.