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Meetings With the Community

The Community Outreach and Information Dissemination (COID) Core hosted 4 major meetings in 2005.

  • In October, the COID collaborated with the African American Wellness Project  (AAWP) to offer blood pressure screenings and consultations to the families involved in Kid's Rock Healthy Families after School program at Hoover Elementary. The AAWP conducted a training on identifying Health Disparities and Health Care Disparities and emphasized the importance of choosing a primary care physician as well as the importance of preparation for each interaction with health care providers.

  • A meeting was held on Monday, October 10, 2005 to discuss the possibility that minority populations were deficient in vitamin D was held in the library at the Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute (CHORI).  Dr. Bruce Hollis from the Medical University of South Carolina was the keynote speaker. The meeting was attended by approximately 25 scientist, physicians and public health experts who discussed the biochemistry of vitamin D synthesis, the biology of its action and the scientific basis for the current recommend daily allowance (RDA) of 400 IU/day. It was concluded that the current RDA for vitamin D are too low particularly for persons of color living in northern latitudes. UC Davis graduate student, Brad Niles, recorded the proceedings of the meeting and a position paper on the meetings findings is being prepared. The document should be ready for dissemination by January 2006.

  • The COID partnered with EHI to present a town hall on "Navigating Adult Onset of Asthma: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Better Self-Management," November 19th, 2005. In November the COID began a series of focus groups to assess the health concerns of the community and to begin the development of a community advisory board. The advisory board will be modeled on the community based participatory research paradigm. 

  • The COID hosted a conference on December 3, 2005. The primary purpose of the COID conference is to share with East Bay Communities Center projects and the activities of our COID partners that exemplify the benefits of nutrigenomics research and research based outreach. Our topics are vitamin D deficiency in communities of color, lactose intolerance, and the importance of micronutrients found in green vegetables to prevent chronic diseases. This event marked the first collaboration with Alameda County Medical Center's Highland Hospital.