Education And Outreach - Community Outreach

The Center's Outreach Forms Community Partnerships

The mission of the Outreach Core is to integrate the Center into the local communities as a disease prevention and health and science education resource.  This focus encompasses a wide range of the possible causes of health disparities including lifestyle, cultural, and socioeconomic factors.

The organizational partners of the COID include the Ethnic Health Institute and FACES (Forum, Adolescent Advocacy, Community Outreach, Education, Support) for the Future.

Other collaborations during this project period included the following:

Activities in 2005

  • Community Meetings
  • Ethnic Health Institute Activities
  • Kid's Nutrigenomics Website Project
  • UC Berkeley School of Public Health: Reducing Health Inequities by Stregnthening Practice
  • FACES for the Future
  • Hall of Health
  • Other Projects
  • Presentations

Contact Patsy Wakimoto for information and collaborations.