About Us - Center Members

The Center Leaders

Director: Raymond Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Managing Director: Somen Nandi, Ph.D.

The Directors of the Center ensure the successful and timely completion of the Center's stated goals and objectives and to assure the effective and efficient use of Center resources.  The Administration is also responsible for keeping the Center in full compliance with university, state and federal regulations. 

By hosting regular meetings of the executive committee, the Directors promote dialogue between Center researchers and with the community so that Center activities remain relevant to community needs. Working with the various Center cores, the Administration strives to create those synergies and breakthroughs needed to redress the problem of health disparities among ethnic/racial minorities, the poor and underserved. The Center's network of collaborators also includes contributors to the new program, Global HealthShare® initiative (GHS).

GHS/Center Members & Areas of Expertise

NCMHD Center Members

Ames , Bruce

Micronutrient Core Member, Pilot Projects Core Director

Atamna, Hani

Micronutrient CoreMember

Beckman, Kenneth

Genomics/Proteomics Core Co-Director

Burchard, Esteban

Genomics/Proteomics Core Member

Chen, Thomas

Bioinformatics Core Member, Outreach Core Member

Cortez, Yolanda

Administration Core Member: Grant Manager

Dawson , Kevin

Bioinformatics Core Member

Galvez, Fred

Bioinformatics Core Member

Gray, Joyce

Outreach Core Member

Gregg, Jeff

Molecular Pathology Core Director

Hawkes, Chris

Micronutrient Core Member

Herd, Denis

Education Core Member

Huang, Liping

Micronutrient Core Member

Johnson, Jo Ann

Outreach Core Member

Kaput, Jim

Bioinformatics Core Member

Killilea, David

Micronutrient Core Member

King, Janet

Micronutrient Core Co-Director

Krauss, Ronald

Lipids and Chronic Disease Core Director

Lubin, Bert

Administration Core Co-Director

Magana, Thomas

Training Core Member

Malyj, Wasyl

Bioinformatics Core Director

Mangravite, Lara

Lipids and Chronic Disease Core Member

Nides, John

Outreach Core Member

Noble, Janelle

Genomics/Proteomics Core Member

Rodriguez, Raymond

Administration Core Co-Director, Bioinformatics Core Member

Shigenaga, Mark

Genomics/Proteomics Core Co-Director, Immune Function and Inflammation Core Co-Director

Staggers, Barbara

Training Core Director, Outreach Core Co-Director

Staggers, Frank

Outreach Core Member, Administration Core Member

Stephensen, Charles

Immune Function and Inflammation Core Co-Director

Styne, Dennis

Lipids and Chronic Disease Core Member

Tervalon, Melanie

Education Core Director

Thomas, Aairam

Outreach Core Member; Training Core Member

Viteri, Fernando

Micronutrient Core Co-Director

Wakimoto, Patricia

Outreach Core Co-Director

Wright, Michael

Genomics/Proteomics Core